Cherry Lane Frozen Fruits  
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Cherry Lane Frozen Fruits
4230 Victoria Avenue, Vineland Station, Ontario
Canada      L0R 2E0
Tel: 905 562-4337 Fax: 905 562-5577

Cherry Lane Frozen Fruits is a fruit farming gem in the heart of Niagara. The natural beauty of the landscape and the healthy choice products sold at Cherry Lane make this a ‘must- stop’ location in Niagara. Cherry Lane has been a family run farm and food processing business since 1907. The retail store boosts numerous fruit selections (fresh, frozen, and dried) and wonderful gift ideas. This little known secret spot has gifts, house wares, fruit, and a selection of kids’ toys!

Cherry Lane is most well known as Canada’s only supplier of brined sweet cherries and frozen sliced and diced Clingstone peaches. We are also one of the top producers of red sour pitted cherries in Ontario.

The current ‘hot’ item at Cherry Lane is the Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate. This product harnesses the natural healing properties of cherries and is reducing the pain of arthritis, gout and headaches all over the country. Cherries contain the same anti-inflammatory ingredients as aspirins and many prescription drugs. Using cherries to bring down inflammation is a safe, natural alternative to medication – and they taste good too!

Within two weeks people have noticed a significant reduction in pain. Cherry juice is said to relieve the pain of arthritis or gout and it has been suggested that cherry juice is good for kidney stones, gallbladder ailments, lowering cholesterol levels and even preventing tooth decay.

Visit us today…you’ll happy you did!

 Cherry Lane Frozen Fruits  
Attraction Name:  Cherry Lane Frozen Fruits
Category:  Food
Street:  4230 Victoria Avenue
City:  Vineland Station
State/Prov:  Ontario
Zip/Postal:  L0R 2E0
Country:  Canada
General Phone:  905 562-4337
General Fax:  905 562-5577
Internet Website:
General Email:

Online Tickets/Shopping:  n/a
Online Events Calendar:  n/a
Online Coupons/Savings:  n/a
Online Map/Directions:  www,

Group Tours Available:  No
Group Sales Contact:  n/a
Telephone  n/a
Fax:  n/a
Email:  n/a

Marketing Contact:  Liz Vrugteveen
Telephone:  905 562-4337 x 21
Fax:  905 562-5577

General Admission Fees:  n/a
Service Languages:  n/a
Food Services Available:  No
Retail Services Available:  Yes
Payment Types:  all
Currency Exchange Available:  No
Accommodations Nearby:  yes
Open Year Round:  Yes
Spring Hours:  8 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri/Sat 8 - 4 pm
Summer Hours:  8 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri/Sat 8 - 4 pm
Fall Hours:  8 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri/Sat 8 - 4 pm
Winter Hours:  8 am - 5 pm Mon-Fri/Sat 8 - 4 pm
Best Suited For Ages:  all
On-Site Parking Available:  Yes
Wheel Chair Accessible:  Yes

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